What Our Clients Are Saying

Cindy was phenomenal, I’ll definitely be coming back.

Rachel E

The phrase “massage therapy” does not do justice to the sessions I have had with Adam Gordon. These are like no other massage that I have ever had — he’s the MUSCLE WHISPERER. I swear, he’s somehow communicating with my body in a way that I’ve never experienced with any other massage therapist.

Annette C.

Really loved my time in your facility and Silvia was amazing. I will def be back!

Ashely A.

Had a deep tissue massage with Thecla Daniel yesterday evening. I had arrived at Oxygen in pain from a muscle strain on the right side of my back and tight shoulder. This is my first time in the studio. I was struck by what a good listener Thecla is, she listened patiently to my history of scoliosis, injuries and other musculo-skeletal issues. She worked patiently to help ease the tension on my upper back and right shoulder, to unlock my scapula. Although I had pain, it was noticeably better after the massage. I was able to sleep last night, without trouble and continue to experience improved range of motion on my shoulder. I would recommend Thecla to a friend; working with her was a very positive experience.


Kathleen in the Marina is AWESOME. She’s helped me now through two bouts of neck & shoulder issues, and gotten me back as close to pain free as feasible!

Kristen B.

Kevin was amazing. He was kind, nurturing and skilled. I’ll be back again.

Mary C

Beyond positive. Rosetta is a pro. Rosetta listen to me very closely, asked several questions and then delivered a complete solution. She focused on those areas that I highlighted but delivered a comprehensive interconnected therapy. Rosetta is a real pro! More clinically strong than most anyone I have ever worked with. Very positive experience.

Steven S.

Adam worked on a very strong muscle spasm in my foot during our first meeting, when I could barely walk without significant pain. Immediately upon beginning to work, the muscle relaxed, and when he found the source of the pain, he expertly worked on it for no more than 10 minutes and there was total relief. He is a complete professional, and i was so lucky to have met him when I did. If I lived in SF this would be a weekly healing visit for me!

Elena B.

Best Massage ever!

Kathy H.

My massage (with Kathleen M.) was great! Made a huge difference in my neck. I will definitely be back.


Thanks Cindy! Great job!

Spencer T.

A fabulous massage! I arrived with a stiff back and neck, and a headache. I left relaxed and without a headache! Needless to say, I slept very well last night! Rosetta found all the offending spots and worked out the tension as only such a professional can. Thanks so much Rosetta!


I’ve been trying to find the best massage therapist since I’ve been with my wife Amy of eight years. I have had no luck except until I met Eugenie last Thursday. My wife Amy found Oxygen Massage from going to CryoSF up the street; she thought Eugenie would be the best fit for me. Eugenie is amazing and did an awesome job. She is powerful and very kind and listened to what my aches and pains were. I feel so much better and look forward to seeing her every month.


Abbey provided a great massage. I will definitely recommend.

Nicholas W.

My massage this afternoon with Daniela was absolutely amazing. I booked the appointment because of pain I was having. She focused on that and intuitively found so many areas that were related. Her techniques were amazingly effective. I feel so much better! I appreciate therapeutic massages…that actually bring relief and change. Thank you!

Amy G.

I had a very good experience. My legs feel looser today. I would love to come back again. Thank you Adam!

Shirley B.

I'm a professional dancer and dance teacher, so the body work I need is not just about relaxation, it’s about repair, rejuvenation and longevity. I have a different ache or issue every time I see Adam, and each time I get a custom massage for my needs. Most importantly, I feel better when I leave. I cannot recommend him enough for people who need real body work, not just a simple little back rub.

Jenni U.

Abbey was fantastic and will be seeing her in the future appointments.

Nina M.

Excellent, terrific! Margaret is very sensitive and caring and very impressive.

Diane B.

She was fabulous. She listened, she checked in during to be sure I was comfortable and she addressed all my needs in a very professional, effective and friendly manner. As a “graduate” of San Francisco School of Massage (Swedish), I tend to know what I want (although with a pro like Thecla, not necessarily what I need–her skills at identifying and addressing needs are wonderful) and know when I’m being taken for a ride. I also appreciate a practitioner who gives the option for little or no talk during. We had a bit of communication and I was able to enjoy without distracting chatter some seem to think adds to the experience. She also had selected great music rather than the corny type I call “Whales in Space” and her use of shea butter was a first for me and a new favorite.

Vicky P.

Booked an appointment short notice Saturday morning hoping to alleviate a back condition which has been a limiting factor for a number of years. I used to run and gym and do all the things one should every day, but I’ve fallen away over time because of it. Without having received a real professional massage before, I booked on Saturday not knowing what to expect. My thinking was: I hope to help my back out a little, and – short of that that – maybe the experience will be relaxing and pleasant. Abbey met me upstairs and was super welcoming from the start. She asked and I filled her in on my background, which she really seemed to grasp, and she spent a few minutes explaining her perspective and walking me through her approach. She was super accommodating to my questions, which I appreciated as rookie. I learned about trigger points. Abbey found a lot. But she was just as methodical in other spots, which seems important to me though I have no knowledge or data to really point to about that. Her approach and her work fit me really well. I walked home really glad I made that appointment. Next day, I went for a run in GGP – slow and steady – and it was a good one. I was comfortable enough, in fact, to tack on an extra few miles. First time in more than a year I ran that distance. Slow and steady, for sure, but I enjoyed it as much as almost any run I’ve had. I hope this feedback’s useful, and thanks for the run on Sunday. Looking forward to visiting again.


Really exceptional and will/did re-book with her.

Steven S.

To be perfectly honest, I have zero negative feedback. All praise. Kristen was very kind and professional. After talking about my chronic back troubles and the current flareup (I have degenerative disc disease with moderate degeneration around L4/L5/S1), Kristen went to work and was extremely mindful and considerate of my injury. I left with relief from the back pain and in a calm, peaceful state. I will definitely return in the future as part of my newly implemented “treat yo’ self” program and not just when I’m in pain.

Michael W.

I cannot say enough great things about Abbey Campbell. A friend has recommended her to me and was so confident in her recommendation even paid for my first massage! I was blown away! Truly listening to my body and focusing on my back issues. I feel fantastic! Please pass on my gratitude to Abbey!

Rob A.

Adam is hands-down the best massage therapist in the city. I’ve tried numerous therapists (back and shoulder knots and tightness from computer use), and no one has the professionalism and skill that Adam possesses. He seems to know exactly where your problem/pain originates from and fixes it. I don’t know how he does it, but compared with many of the other therapists I’ve tried (sports massage, thai massage, deep tissue), he is by far and away the best at what he does.

Michael Q.

I loved working with Rosetta Gong. She was responsive to my issues and gave me great tips on how to self-care at home.

Renee Y.

Thanks for following up. I loved the massage. My back is still a little sore, but I think it’s from the grinding down the knots in my back during the massage. Chelsea was fantastic!

Zak S.

Have been seeing Amy Hintze monthly for a 90 minute massage. I can feel an improvement in how my body feels, especially since I hold so much stress in my body. She seems to know where I need a bit more work, even if I did not specifically say so. Amy is very personable and is very easy to work with.


Just wanted to let you know that I had a very positive experience at Oxygen Massage Therapy and with my massage with Jess Albino. From the minute I walked in I appreciated being met with a welcoming and friendly attitude and being offered tea and water. And my massage was excellent! Jess was brilliant. I also slept a lot better after my massage. Thank you and I will definitely be coming back.


I’m visiting from Ireland and my son Jim made my appointment. Wonderful experience. Incredibly healing experience. Thank You Megan!

Anne C.

Thanks to Aaron my massage therapist that day (deep tissue massage) for the wonderful service treatment he had done on my back.. surely helps relives the pain I’m suffering due to pinched nerve on my neck from inside right shoulder blade down to the arm and small finger and ring finger. Thank you so much now I can sleep better..definitely I’m coming back!! See yahhh soon!!

Don P.

As always, Rosetta is amazing. But that was the best massage ever. She perfectly balanced strong pressure with balancing/ centering. My overtrained legs and stressed back have not felt this good in a long time. I also appreciate the follow up exercises she shared.

Wallace H.

I had a great experience with Dasha. 100%. She’s great. I’ve had a lot of massages and found this massage to be one of the best. Relaxing, worked out the right muscles, no wasted time, no nails, no excess talking, knew what she was doing, correct pressure, great massage.

Anne R.

Adam continues to perform miracles!!!  I had planned to see Adam tomorrow for a regularly scheduled massage. But I recently had a major sciatica attack again Sunday which gradually got worse into Monday. My chiro helped with some of the relief Monday evening, but I was still in considerable amount of pain and couldn’t continue my early morning skating lessons. BIG figure skating competition in a week (that I’ve been preparing 7-8 months for) and here I am worrying whether or not I was even gonna be able to skate. I moved up my session with Adam to yesterday since I was in considerable pain to not be focused on my job!</p><p>When I got on the massage table, it was with a lot of strain on my left hip. After Adam worked on it, the pain is GONE and I’ve regained mobility on that left side!!! I also had issues with my IT band on my left knee. It was considerably BETTER than when I walked into his office. Of course, I am still being careful not to undo the work that Adam has done on me for the next couple of days and I have him on speed dial if things get bad again. But I’m a LOT LESS worried about NOT making it to Salt Lake City to do battle on the ice!!!

Joanna R.

I have been to Adam six times now and it just keeps getting better. Not only is it the best massage I have ever received, but Adam is one of the easiest people to be around. He is extremely professional yet very warm and kind (and funny). The massage is well priced and I always leave very happy (and relaxed, and invigorated). I have started giving 1 1/2 hour sessions with Adam as gifts to friends and family and I will keep going as long as I can.

Temojai I.

I was visiting SF for the weekend and found Oxygen on Yelp. The location was convenient and within walking distance from my hotel (Galleria Park Hotel). I had a wonderful massage with Margaret. She took the time to set expectations and welcomed open communication throughout the session. I really appreciated that she listened to my body and worked with me to find the right pressure. Overall, it was a very relaxing session, just what I had asked for. Margaret has a sensitive and compassionate touch that really shines through!

Angela M.

I had booked for 60 minutes but Jenni had the time to go for longer and this resulted in a 2 hour massage. She was excellent and attentive. Loved it and have booked to come back in September.

Helen R.

Dasha is great! I will come back to see her!

Yoko H.

Just an excellent experience at Oxygen, both at this location and at another. I was new to massage therapy and unfamiliar with the wide range of styles and therapies available, as well as not really sure how to communicate my preferences. Overall I was impressed with the way this organization allows its therapists their authentic styles while also maintaining a consistent standard of professionalism. I've been grateful to everyone I've seen at Oxygen, and always felt it was worth it. My favorite: Kate Young, really sensitive to someone in chronic pain. Lots of great professionals here, all with a wide range of personal styles, specialties, and communication options, so if you try a few people you were surely find someone right for you.

Jen M.

Thecla was just what I needed, thank you! Lovely deep pressure & intuitive therapist. I will recommend her to my SFO friends. Thank you!

Kylea B.

I just wanted to let you know that Sue is amazing. I feel so much better. She is truly the best masseuse I've ever been to

Caren D.

Tonight was my first time at Oxygen. Kate Young provided an incredibly effective and therapeutic session. My shoulders, back and neck feel so much better. I will return!

Michael B.

Li was great -- definitely one of the best massages I've had at Oxygen, and I have had quite a few. She listened to my complaints and really zoned in on those areas. And after the massage, she gave me tips for how to keep some of my problem areas under control.

Matt H.

I’ve been to Jenni twice now and think she’s a terrific massage therapist. She is thoughtful and in tune with what I need. Highly recommend her.

Diane S.

Silvia was great. Wonderful relaxing and invigorating massage. Thanks so much!

Todd C.

I had a wonderful experience with Vivian. When I went in my shoulders and neck were a tangled mess. She really had her work cut out for her. I am almost shocked at how adept she was at her profession. Her massage was astounding and so was her overall service. She inspired trust and confidence, which enabled me to let her dig deep and really get in there. Thank you so much!

Robert S.


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