To our valued clients.


It is wil great sadness that we announce that Oxygen will not be reopening following its closue due to Covid-19.

Before Covid hit keeping an brick and mortar business open in San Franciso was a struggle, but we were giving it our all. In the economics of a post Covid world where we would see a drop in clients and a loss of much of our therapeutic team there is no way for us to return to business. 


It has been our privilege to serve you for 14 years. Watching Oxygen grow from a small pracitce to three locations and 25 therapists has been one of the great joys of our lives. There are so many stories of the positive impacts we have had on clients. Each return to work, sports, fun or just a greater sense of ease brough to each client has brough a deep sense of gratification to us, and we have been honored by the trust you have given us. 

With deep appreciation, 

Oxygen Massage Therapy