Today was my first visit with Emily, and I am one happy and relaxed client. She is very friendly yet soothing – quite easy to talk to. The room and accessories were not fancy but warm and welcoming in a immediately comforting way. But the key was a rocking massage where she found the perfect balance in kneading those pressure and target points. She listened 110% towhat was working (and was not the least bit bothered when something wasn’t – just corrected it and kept massaging away pain and trouble). I almost hate to tell all you Yelpers how awesome she is as I was able to get a rather last minute appointment with her…well, I know I’ll be back!

Karin S.

A fabulous massage! I arrived with a stiff back and neck, and a headache. I left relaxed and without a headache! Needless to say, I slept very well last night! Rosetta found all the offending spots and worked out the tension as only such a professional can. Thanks so much Rosetta!


I booked an appointment short notice Saturday morning hoping to alleviate a back condition which has been a limiting factor for a number of years. I used to run and gym and do all the things one should every day, but I’ve fallen away over time because of it. Without having received a real professional massage before, I booked on Saturday not knowing what to expect. My thinking was: I hope to help my back out a little, and – short of that that – maybe the experience will be relaxing and pleasant. Abbey met me upstairs and was super welcoming from the start. She asked and I filled her in on my background, which she really seemed to grasp, and she spent a few minutes explaining her perspective and walking me through her approach. She was super accommodating to my questions, which I appreciated as rookie. I learned about trigger points. Abbey found a lot. But she was just as methodical in other spots, which seems important to me though I have no knowledge or data to really point to about that. Her approach and her work fit me really well. I walked home really glad I made that appointment. Next day, I went for a run in GGP – slow and steady – and it was a good one. I was comfortable enough, in fact, to tack on an extra few miles. First time in more than a year I ran that distance. Slow and steady, for sure, but I enjoyed it as much as almost any run I’ve had. I hope this feedback’s useful, and thanks for the run on Sunday. Looking forward to visiting again.


Just wanted to provide feedback on my appointment with Nicole Casanova this past Sunday.The appointment was great. She really took the time to work on my hip area which was causing me pain. I also found her suggestions of using a foam roller extremely helpful. I have been scheduling appointments with Nicole for some time now and she never disappoints!

Jennifer M.

We went to Oxygen Massage in SOMA in celebration of my wife’s birthday and each got a 1-hour massage. Since my wife had an injury, she could not lie on her back but needed a chair. The massage therapists, Davina and Amy, went out of their way to accommodate her even through we did not give them a head’s up. They found and assemble a massage chair for her. My massage was done by Davina, and it was one of the best that I have ever received. Within minutes, I was half asleep (and I am a light sleeper). She has very good technique and checks with you to make sure the pressure is just right. I was totally relaxed and asleep when the hour was finally over. She had to wake me. My wife had a similar experience with Amy. Thank goodness we lived only three blocks from the Oxygen Spa as we walked in a blissful relaxed stupor back home. Definitely a HIGH recommend. We will be going back on a periodic basis.

Tony and Jenny

I just wanted to say Mary (Trimble) was absolutely wonderful! She asked me a lot of questions before to ensure I would have the best body work possible. At the end, she gave me tips on how to work  on my muscles at home. She was very nice and a great masseuse. I could not have asked for abetter experience.

Nina K.

I’m a professional dancer and dance teacher, so the body work I need is not just about relaxation, it’s about repair, rejuvenation and longevity. I have a different ache or issue every time I see Adam, and each time I get a custom massage for my needs. Most importantly, I feel better when I leave. I cannot recommend him enough for people who need real body work, not just a simple little back rub.

Jenni U.

I had an extremely positive experience with Kathleen. I came to the appointment five minutes early and she was able to take me right on time, and didn’t keep me waiting. The room was very pleasant and relaxing. The massage itself was just what the doctor ordered. Kathleen used the correct amount of pressure and she really worked out some of the vicious kinks and knots I had developed in my muscles. She was attentive, professional and listened to my concerns and my requests. I thought the massage was one of the most therapeutic I’ve ever received. I would definitely schedule a massage with her again.

Elizabeth D.

I had a great experience – booked it fairly last-minute and was greeted by Rachel who did a fantastic job on my ailing upper back & neck. Very homey and inviting place too. I’m already a repeat customer and this is partly why!

Diane T.

Jennafer at New Montgomery gave me one of the best deep massages I’ve ever had. She was magic! Her fingers got right to the sore parts intuitively and kneaded them into submission in record time. The facility is very nice, comfortable & airy along with a very pleasant reception from Joyce on my arrival. I’ve been to both your Noe and New Montgomery sites and the quality of your people are excellent! I’m very glad that I discovered you folks!

David A.

I have been to Adam six times now and it just keeps getting better. Not only is it the best massage I have ever received, but Adam is one of the easiest people to be around. He is extremely professional yet very warm and kind (and funny). The massage is well priced and I always leave very happy (and relaxed, and invigorated). I have started giving 1 1/2 hour sessions with Adam as gifts to friends and family and I will keep going as long as I can.

Temojai I.

Beyond positive. Rosetta is a pro. Rosetta listen to me very closely, asked several questions and then delivered a complete solution. She focused on those areas that I highlighted but delivered a comprehensive interconnected therapy. Rosetta is a real pro! More clinically strong than most anyone I have ever worked with. Very positive experience.

Steven S.

I have been seeing Amy Hintze monthly for a 90 minute massage. I can feel an improvement in how my body feels, especially since I hold so much stress in my body. She seems to know where I need a bit more work, even if I did not specifically say so. Amy is very personable and is very easy to work with.


Adam is hands-down the best massage therapist in the city. I’ve tried numerous therapists (back and shoulder knots and tightness from computer use), and no one has the professionalism and skill that Adam possesses. He seems to know exactly where your problem/pain originates from and fixes it. I don’t know how he does it, but compared with many of the other therapists I’ve tried (sports massage, thai massage, deep tissue), he is by far and away the best at what he does.

Michael Q.

My massage (with Kathleen M.) was great! Made a huge difference in my neck. I will definitely be back.


The first time I had a massage a couple of years ago, I regretted it for two weeks afterwards. I was extremely sore and whole back was in pain. I explained my last massage with Mary and she expressed wanting this time to be more enjoyable and relaxing….and it totally was!! I feel great today! Thank you Mary for such a wonderful experience and I will definitely be recommending your services to all my friends. Hopefully sometime soon I can come back and enjoy another massage.

Kate L.

I know this may sound dramatic but Element Bodywork literally changed my life. I hurt my back years ago and the doctors said I would never run again. As you can imagine I was devastated as running was a true love of mine. My mind also went to, “I want to have kids, how will this back issue effect that?” I went to various doctors all ending with doors closing on the thought of having a smooth pregnancy or running again. The icing on the cake was me throwing my back out literally minutes before getting on a 6 hour cross country flight. At rock bottom I was scanning for different sites for some solution at 3am and came across Element Bodywork. I called at 9am the very next day to try to book an appointment. Within minutes someone called me back saying they heard my plea, and could squeeze me in on their lunch since they were booked for the day. That was the first of many signs that THIS place was different from the rest.

From that point on it was love at first site. My first appointment left me in tears because I was told, “of course you will run again! Why couldn’t you? We will get you up and running in no time.” And they meant it.

Each appointment I was listened to and validated. They were 100% focused in on me and were not distracted by the clock or trying to race me in and out. So many doctors prior were so quick to diagnosis me and usually incorrectly. They never listened to what I was actually saying nor did they ever explain what they thought was going on with my body. I felt like I was just another person they had to see for that day.

I know this sounds cheesy but Element Bodywork truly was so different. They explained to me what was the issue was simply and clearly. They then told me how they were going to correct it. They helped me understand why doing certain stretches would help with my injuries. Again as cliche as it sounds, they gave me hope that I could run again and have a smooth pregnancy as far as my back was concerned.

The massages were therapeutic both emotionally and physically. I truly cannot say enough good things about this bodywork. I usually do not write yelp reviews but it was impossible for me to not share how wonderful this place is! I am not only running but have a gorgeous 6 month old baby girl who I carried pain free!

I highly recommend Element Bodywork. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Kristy D.

I’ve had 2 massages with Eugenie. They were both great. I’m trained as a massage therapist in both Swedish and deep tissue/trigger point techniques and my massages with Eugenie are right up there with the best I’ve ever had. Also, as a transgender person it can be scary to get a massage from someone new. It was a non-issue with Eugenie. After explaining how my body might be different from what she expected I didn’t have to give it a second thought. My only regret is that I’m not home in SF enough, nor wealthy enough to get longer and more frequent massages!

Galen S.

I’ve been dealing with hip pain forever and no masseuse has ever really made a dent in it. Eugenie did an amazing job on my hip. She got to some super painful spots I’d never noticed before and worked those out. Booking online is great. I’ll be back.

Victoria G.

I had a very positive experience with Christine. I was visiting San Francisco from the UK and it was lovely to take time out of my trip to relax. She was professional and really helped my back and neck to feel better after a lot of walking.

Eleanor Krall

Amazing!! But I’m not surprised, every therapist I have had there has been top-notch…I always know I am going to enjoy it and get some relief no matter who I book with. Thank you!!

Jennifer S

My hubby booked an appointment for my birthday present and I had a wonderful massage today with Eugenie. I had a baby a few months ago and my body has been in some serious need of TLC, so many tight knots and my shoulder and back felt like they were constantly in pain.

I told Eugenie all of my issues and she got to work with just the right amount of pressure and worked out a lot of the kinks. At some points during the massage, I actually fell into a light sleep! It was refreshing, calming, peaceful, and invigorating. I left feeling a thousand times better and overall happier and calmer.

Saloni D.

My massage with Rosetta was phenomenal! She was very professional and very thorough in understanding where my pain and problem areas are. She was intuitive with what might be the source of my pain and was able to locate other tender areas to work through that would help alleviate pain both there and elsewhere. She also used a bit of trigger point therapy, which allowed me to relax into her pressure and feel the work more deeply. In the days following my session, I could feel that my muscles were looser and more agile. A lot of the pain I had been experiencing was at a much more tolerable level. I had an ideal experience and would love to return soon.

Mary Beth D.

The phrase “massage therapy” does not do justice to the sessions I have had with Adam Gordon. These are like no other massage that I have ever had — he’s the MUSCLE WHISPERER. I swear, he’s somehow communicating with my body in a way that I’ve never experienced with any other massage therapist.

Annette C.

I booked my therapeutic massage online, same day. Convenient time, easy to find location. Eugenie was very kind and had an instinctual sense of focusing on my sore points without me having to give input. Often times throughout my 2 hour massage, I wondered if she could read my mind. A couple times she quietly stated, “This feels like a good spot to focus on”, and boy was she right. Also, I didn’t walk out of there greasy or stinky.

Katee R.

Adam worked on a very strong muscle spasm in my foot during our first meeting, when I could barely walk without significant pain.

Immediately upon beginning to work, the muscle relaxed, and when he found the source of the pain, he expertly worked on it for no more than 10 minutes and there was total relief. He is a complete professional, and i was so lucky to have met him when I did. If I lived in SF this would be a weekly healing visit for me!

Elena B.

Donald was fantastic. Great experience! Would recommend to others.

Melissa K.

My experience was excellent. Aaron is very knowledgeable and skilled. After his deep tissue massages, whatever area I’m having problems with that he’s worked on is substantially improved and I feel great. I really appreciate it. These massages are of tremendous benefit to my overall physical well-being and ability to do the things I  want to do without discomfort.

Chara R.

I would like to thank Shelby for the wonderful session. I feel so much better the day after as she was able to workout several sore spots and knots (some I was not even aware of) in an extremely caring manner. I highly recommend Shelby and plan to schedule again as soon as possible.

Larry L

I came in with severe neck and shoulder pain that prevented me from being able to work. I needed a same day appt. Adam got me in and worked on my neck back and shoulder for an hour. Today my neck feels a great deal better. He was professional and focused and seemed genuinely invested in my feeling better. He recommended stretches that would help alleviate stiffness in the effected areas. I am feeling well enough to go to work today and for that I am very thankful.

Ben V.

To be perfectly honest, I have zero negative feedback. All praise. Kristen was very kind and professional. After talking about my chronic back troubles and the current flareup (I have degenerative disc disease with moderate degeneration around L4/L5/S1), Kristen went to work and was extremely mindful and considerate of my injury. I left with relief from the back pain and in a calm, peaceful state. I will definitely return in the future as part of my newly implemented “treat yo’ self” program and not just when I’m in pain.

Michael W.

Erika is a skilled and natural healer. She has a clear and powerful energetic presence, and she focuses her healing intentions through strong hands with an intuitive touch. When I see her for bodywork, she closely attends to my stated physical issues and is able to ‘read’ my body with sensitivity. Furthermore, she approaches her work from a spiritual core of compassion and service, with a spirit that is grounded in authentic devotional practice (and I mean the real deal, not New Age fluff).

Erika is a seasoned yoga teacher and enthusiast, and so she has been able to give me detailed advice and modifications for my own budding yoga practice, giving me recommendations as to what poses can help heal the injuries I’ve sustained and what ones to avoid, based on sound anatomical knowledge.

Add to these assets her vibrant, enthusiastic personality, and her intimate, sheltering treatment space, and I give her the full five stars. Book your first appointment, and it won’t be your last.

Ferrara P.

I finally made it in to see Adam. I had extremely high expectations as we both graduated from the same school of massage and was not disappointed. He used great pressure and I especially appreciated his focus on my indicated “problem area”. The change in the tissue is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend him.

Cristina S.

Cindy has a very fluid, subtle strength which feels wonderful during and after the massage. My neck and shoulders, which are usually very tense and therefore achy, feel so much better. I’ve recently gotten shiatsu massages, which do not include oils, so I found the oils used for the deep tissue massage to be a real treat–soothing and moisturizing. My overall first-time experience with Oxygen was very positive. It’s a very relaxing, low-key environment, which is nice, especially after work. The location is convenient to my workplace, and I noticed that there’s a Mission location near my home as well. I’ve already recommended Oxygen to a coworker. I don’t know if Oxygen offers a massage option that focuses on specific non-serious injuries/aches/pains. If so, I may try that as well since I’ve often got pulled muscles and other aches. At any rate, I’m certainly going to explore the other massages and techniques and therapists that Oxygen offers. Thanks!

Jinen K

What a fantastic massage – probably the best I ever had! Kristen was amazing, she had just the right touch and seemed to know instinctively how to deal with my trouble spots. The atmosphere was clean, restful and inviting. I liked the music and the oils. I’ve already recommended you to several friends.


Excellent massage. She [Adwoa] was very good at finding the areas where I needed help given a couple particular issues and did just what I needed today, very professionally and skilled. I will come back. Thanks!

Jeff G.

Thank you for the follow up. I’d like to say my experience at Oxygen Soma was very satisfying! As a fellow bodyworker, I appreciate finding educated and talented therapists when I travel, and Nicole met my expectations. In addition to being professional, She was also very attentive and personable. I feel great and will return when I’m in the area. I enjoyed the quiet, zen-like setting in the office. And it smells great in there! Well done!

Adrienne D.

I get a lot of body work, and I would have to say that Adam’s technical skills are some of the best I have had in SF. I am sure it is due to his 1200 hours + of training at one of the top schools on the east coast (if you are a massage therapist, you will appreciate this). He has a great sense of touch, and is able to use very deep pressure. He did fantastic neck work, was able to really stretch out my whole body and I felt great after wards. I also like that he is really good at communicating and has a desire to meet client requests.

London E.

Ian was my therapist and I had a great experience! The massage was great and I left feeling so much better! I will definitely be back.


Thecla is amazing. A true healer. I told all my friends in SF about her. My muscles had been tense and soar for several days and she worked them out with some amazing techniques and even gave me some stretches I could do at home.

MelissAnne G

Adam continues to perform miracles!!! I had planned to see Adam tomorrow for a regularly scheduled massage. But I recently had a major sciatica attack again Sunday which gradually got worse into Monday. My chiro helped with some of the relief Monday evening, but I was still in considerable amount of pain and couldn’t continue my early morning skating lessons. BIG figure skating competition in a week (that I’ve been preparing 7-8 months for) and here I am worrying whether or not I was even gonna be able to skate. I moved up my session with Adam to yesterday since I was in considerable pain to not be focused on my job!

When I got on the massage table, it was with a lot of strain on my left hip. After Adam worked on it, the pain is GONE and I’ve regained mobility on that left side!!! I also had issues with my IT band on my left knee. It was considerably BETTER than when I walked into his office. Of course, I am still being careful not to undo the work that Adam has done on me for the next couple of days and I have him on speed dial if things get bad again. But I’m a LOT LESS worried about NOT making it to Salt Lake City to do battle on the ice!!!

Joanna R.

I had a 60 min deep tissue massage with Margaret on February 15th. I have to say – this was one of the best massages I have ever received! My back and hip felt completely at ease all day yesterday, which I haven’t felt in years (from somewhat “chronic” back and right hip soreness.) I will definitely be back, and may try to book monthly appointments with Margaret! Hopefully I’ll start to heal through massage therapy.

Leher P.

2013 was my year of injury. Nerve damage. Immobility. Pain.

I knew massage therapy would help, but I wanted targeted, experienced bodywork that was almost like physical therapy.

What I found at Element Bodywork was the exceptional massage therapy I was looking for. I went weekly for several months and used my time on the table to aggressively focus on my injury.

Each week I saw an improvement in my range of motion, balance, and stability. This kind of massage therapy is really deep, technical work, yet I still found it relaxing and it diminished my pain and numbness. Bonus: My treatments complemented the acupuncture I was also pursuing. Even my acupuncturist commented on how much faster I showed improvement once I added Element Bodywork to my routine.

Since then I’ve sent friends and family here for massage therapy to treat stuff like sciatica and TMJ. Everyone has had transformative results. If you’re physically hurting, add Element Bodywork and Massage to your healthy plan of action. For me, it made *all* the difference.

Quinn B.

I know when I see Adam that i am going to get REAL relief. For the past few weeks one of my arms and hand has been feeling numb and heavy and in alot of pain. I was pretty sure a nerve was being pinched. Adam found and released the impingement after other bodyworkers failed to. His work was deep – as i wanted – but very conscious and he remains present and appropriately checks in. I left feeling SOO much better. My arm feels ‘alive’ again. I would recommend Adam to anyone who is experiencing body pain.

Amy K.

I had a great massage. Abby was very nice, and she gave me the focus work that I was looking for. I had some pain in my back, as a result of some muscle spasm near the Rhomboid area, and she was really able to open it up and give it some release. I’ve noticed a big improvement since my visit, and it continues to get better each day as I rest the area.

Simon N

I had an hour-long deep tissue massage with Mary. She was terrific! I walked in with my back, arms, and neck aching, and she found all of my knots and tight muscles and left me feeling loose and great. I will definitely be back to see her soon.


I was visiting SF for the weekend and found Oxygen on Yelp. The location was convenient and within walking distance from my hotel (Galleria Park Hotel). I had a wonderful massage with Margaret. She took the time to set expectations and welcomed open communication throughout the session. I really appreciated that she listened to my body and worked with me to find the right pressure. Overall, it was a very relaxing session, just what I had asked for. Margaret has a sensitive and compassionate touch that really shines through!

Angela M.

Heather is magical in treating my herniated disc in my neck and all of discomfort associated with it. I am 52 and have had countless massages, by Hesther is by far the most accomplished. This was my fourth session with her, and as long as she stays, I will have many more. Thanks Heather.

Geoff P.

I had a deep tissue massage with Thecla Daniel yesterday evening. I had arrived at Oxygen in pain from a muscle strain on the right side of my back and tight shoulder. This is my first time in the studio. I was struck by what a good listener Thecla is, she listened patiently to my history of scoliosis, injuries and other musculo-skeletal issues. She worked patiently to help ease the tension on my upper back and right shoulder, to unlock my scapula. Although I had pain, it was noticeably better after the massage. I was able to sleep last night, without trouble and continue to experience improved range of motion on my shoulder. I would recommend Thecla to a friend; working with her was a very positive experience.